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These were taken with a Kodac DC3400 digital camera through an Edmund Scientifics Astroscan telescope.  Juryrig any kind of mount that puts the camera lense right up to the eyepiece of the telescope.
To take a picture, focus the telescope image, then mount and adjust the camera position.  View the LCD screen for position and any final focus.  Use a cable release or timer release to take the picture.  This eliminates movement and vibration.
At the bottom right is a view from my deck.  The rollercoaster at Six Flags is visible.

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At left, a digital image of a B1 bomber has been superimposed on an image of the moon, using Micrographx Picture Publisher.  Both original images taken with Kodac DC3400 digital camera.

Comet Hale-Bopp was easily view with the naked eye.  One unique feature of Hale-Bopp was its split tale.  Click on the thumbnail below for full size images of Hale-Bopp.


These photos were taken from East Hartland CT between 3/23/97 and 4/14/97.  Films used were Kodak Gold 1000 and Kodak 5054 TMZ (B&W, ASA 3200).  Exposure times ranged from 10-90 seconds.  A 35mm camera with a normal 50mm lense and 300mm telephoto was used.  Negatives have been transferred to CD and processed with Picture Publisher.  False color has been added to some photos to enhance structural detail of the comet's head and tail.

lunar eclipse

These photos are from a lunar eclipse on 9/26/96.  The view scene is from my house in East Hartland CT shortly before the eclipse occurred.  Film was Kodak Gold 400, with exposures of 2-12 seconds, with a normal 50mm lense and 300mm telephoto.  Negatives transeferred to CD and processed with Microgrphics Picture Publisher.  False color added to some images to hilight detail of  the penumbra or halo around eclipsed moon.

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These photos of the Leonid meteor shower are time exposures with a 35mm single lense reflex.  The resulting photos were scanned and processed with Micrographx Picture Publisher.

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Click on the thumbnails at right and below to view pictures of Comet Hyakutake taken in March of 1996.  The original images were taken with a 35 mm. reflex, 50 mm. and 300 mm. lenses, using Kodac Gold 1000 and Fuji 1600 pushed to 3200. The original photos were put on Kodac Photo CD.  Exposure times ranged from 5-60 seconds. The images were then processed using Micrografx Picture Publisher.

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